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Request for Management Assistance 

Request for Management Assistance - Have 501(c)(3)

VEC Program Manager

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Nonprofit Status: 501(c)(3)
Nonprofit Sector
Do you have a Strategic Plan?
Do you have a Business Plan?
Description of Management Assistance Needed. Identify and select functional areas requiring VEC assistance


1. No consulting fees will be charged for any of VEC services

2. Based upon client satisfaction and in lieu of a consulting fee an optional donation will be accepted at the conclusion of the project. As a suggested guideline please consider the following: - if your organization’s annual budget is under $500K ($100); if your budget is in excess of $500K ($200).

3. Our organization agrees to reimburse VEC for out-of-pocket expenses (ie. postage, printing, copying, etc.) which are agreed to and included in the Client Work Agreement (CWA).

Requesting Organization's Commitment

1. Our organization agrees to provide the time, staff support and resources needed to work with the assigned Volunteer Executive Consultants in performing the work described in this Request for Management Assistance (RMA). It is understood and agreed to that the assistance provided by RSVP/VEC may be publicly acknowledged only to the extent that assistance was provided.

2. We understand that the RSVP/VEC consultants are volunteers and have agreed not to: (1)

Recommend goods or services from sources in which he/she has an interest and (2) personally accept fees or commissions developing from this consulting relationship. In consideration of the consultants furnishing management and/or technical assistance, we waive all claims against RSVP of Montgomery County, its personnel, and other RSVP/VECs arising from this assistance.

3. VEC assistance is subject to the availability of VEC resources and, at VEC’s discretion, the skills necessary to complete any assignment.

4. In order to assist VEC in documenting the effectiveness of their consulting services for granting sources and making our services the best they can be, we agree to participate in a follow-up call shortly after our service is complete and then completing a questionnaire about 60-90 days later.

5. Subsequent to VEC’s receipt of this RMA we agree to have 1-5 members of our organization complete an O.C.A.T. (Organization Capacity Assessment Tool) survey and return it to VEC within (2) two weeks. The O.C.A.T. survey asks you to rate the current status of your nonprofit organization’s board, marketing, operations, etc.. Your ratings will help guide the VEC project and measure its progress.


Executive Director, Board President, and/or Board member

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