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Resources for Nonprofits

Helping Nonprofits

 RSVP supports nonprofits through skill-based volunteer programs. Our educational and recruitment resources are available to help your organization grow and thrive.

Nonprofit Consulting

RSVP’s Volunteer Executive Consultants (VEC) program provides free managerial assistance to nonprofits through consulting and educational services, improving capacity and performance.

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nonprofit consulting

Workshops & Education

VEC offers workshops focusing on a variety of topics including Fundraising, Effective Leadership, Outcomes Measurement, social media and more.

workshop and education

Recruiting Volunteers to support your mission

In need of volunteers? RSVP helps partner agencies recruit volunteers for your organization. Fill out our Nonprofit Volunteer Request Form.

Team Meeting
recruiting volunteers
Business Meeting

Recruiting Board Members

RSVP helps partner agencies recruit board members for your organization.

recruiting board members

Participate in Digital Literacy

RSVP is seeking organizations for its Train-the-Trainer program. Help empower your clients who are struggling with digital skills. This free, flexible programs helps train current staff or volunteers, or can recruit volunteers to train and educate your clients.

Senior Computer Class
participate in digital literacy

Have more Questions?

To learn more, contact Kathy Stocker, the Community Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator.

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