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Tutors & Volunteers

Tutors & Volunteers

   MyFreeTutor is the perfect high-impact volunteer opportunity for people who love math.

To become a tutor, volunteers must:

  • Enroll as an RSVP volunteer

  • Clear a child abuse, criminal and FBI check

  • Attend a virtual training and orientation

  • Commit to tutoring a student for one hour each week for a period of 8-12 weeks (typical school semester)

  • That's it!

You will be added to our weekly email list once you have completed the virtual orientation session.   This list will highlight a student and their math level as well as availability. When you see a student that fits your schedule simply email us and we'll get you started. You only tutor at the times and math levels that work for you.

Have more Questions?

To Learn more, contact Maria Dell, the My Free Tutor Program Coordinator.

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