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You Can!

Together, we can change the world through volunteering.

Since 1973, RSVP has been the region’s leading volunteer placement agency for adults.

Several offices throughout Montgomery County, PA help volunteers locate and select their perfect assignment, offering just the right challenge and reward.

There are hundreds of reasons people volunteer. Let us help you find yours.

Every day, countless RSVP volunteers tutor struggling students, visit homebound seniors, counsel inmates, lead tours at historic sites & museums, deliver meals-on-wheels, mentor at-risk youth, provide counseling help to struggling nonprofits, read to Head Start preschoolers, counsel Medicare recipients, help adults improve their literacy skills, staff domestic hotlines, knit blankets for hospice patients and so much more.

Together, let's discover your passion.

How can Volunteer Executive Consultants (VEC) help your Nonprofit Agency?
Our VEC teams are business professionals who have been offering management, technical and professional help for nonprofits since 1983. We help nonprofit agencies in Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia. Read how we are helping area nonprofits.

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Expertise can help in the areas of:

  •     Accounting and Finance

  •     Business Management

  •     Board and Staff Development

  •     Public Relations

  •     Marketing

  •     Grant Writing

  •     Human

We have recently been certified as an Educational Improvement Organization, providing innovative educational programming for public schools.  Corporations may qualify for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) by partnering with RSVP. To learn more and apply, visit the EITC site.

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RSVP of Montgomery County is a multi-service nonprofit organization utilizing volunteers to help meet critical human needs in and around Montgomery County since 1973. Each year, RSVP s pool of 1,300 volunteers contributes 100,000 plus hours to here to read entire article