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Virtual Math Tutoring

For 4th Grade through High School Students

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Are  your students struggling with Algebra or other math concepts? Our screened volunteers provide online tutoring sessions utilizing your textbook, to work individually with students. 

Our MyFreeTutor program utilizes a shared whiteboard to work through areas the student is having difficulty with, beginning with the fundamentals of math.

Students range from third grade to young adults studying for their GED as well as Veterans returning to college after active duty (see below for additional details).

Volunteers receive background checks and must pass an open-book online test.

This program boasts 60% improvement in test scores.

View an online tutoring session

View an online practice whiteboard. Enter your name as username and click "sign in" to gain access.

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For Veterans Returning to School

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Veterans have put their lives on hold to serve our country and now want to further their education by returning to college.  Many have been away from school for many years and need help brushing up on their math skills.

Tutors work individually through the MyFreeTutor program to help them advance their math skills.

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