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Meet some of our 2019 Senior Corps Legacy Award Winners

We were not able to honor these volunteers at our annual celebration as the events were cancelled due to the COVID pandemic.  We would like to recognize their contributions with these brief videos.

Shari Hunn Award.jpg

Shari Hunn became a mentor in 2016.  She was matched with Dameon when he was in 3rd grade.  She meets with him weekly at school as well as spends time after school doing fun activities such as bowling, ping pong, visiting Legoland and so much more.  Shari has been a constant source of companionship and a great role model for Dameon throughout changes in his home situation, school changes and other times of stress.  Recently Shari wrote, “Besides having fun, my hope with Dameon is to help him make good life choices. . .In the beginning he was hesitant to talk to me about his feelings.  Now he tells me everything.  His school counselor and teacher both told me they have noticed a change in him, that he is happier.  Our relationship is mutual.  We make each other happy.”


In addition to her mentoring role in Protégé, Shari has been a tremendous advocate for RSVP and contributes photography and feedback .

Stan is a former aerospace executive who has been an active Volunteer Executive Consultant program volunteer for over 6 years and has accrued almost 700 volunteer hours.


He has led a number of projects with nonprofit clients involving requests for board development and strategic planning assistance. One of his key achievements at RSVP has been his leadership and dedication to the VEC Education committee. His participation and insight have been key factors in the success of the VEC workshops and seminars that have resulted in the workshop attendees accessing strategies and processes needed to achieve sustainability and growth.

Stan's engineering background has been invaluable in refining the processes needed to bring these workshops to fruition.

Sally Taub joined the APPRISE team in July 2010.  After training she became a part of the team serving the Community Connection APPRISE counseling group at the Senior service site in Norristown.  She has provided over 1,600 hours of service often as the key guide to clients whose limited income necessitates searching for more difficult solutions.  Her help is invaluable to those in need of guidance with enrollment and financial assistance for prescription drugs and Medicare Part B premiums.  Her service is greatly appreciated.

Susan Bailey joined the APPRISE team in July 2010.  After training she quickly became a strong member of the Norristown Community Connection counseling team.  She has served the consumer with valuable Medicare guidance for close to 1,700 hours, often tackling difficult and sometimes complicated cases particularly with clients who have limited income and resources.  She provides valuable and experienced service with a smile. 

Ed Ziegler began volunteering with the America Reads program in the fall of 2017.  At that time he worked with students in Montgomery County, PA at the Conshohocken Elementary School.  Ed wanted to continue volunteering with RSVP’s America Reads program after he moved to Chester County and he is now volunteering at the Media Elementary School in the Rose Tree Media School District.


First grade teacher Dana Welc praises Ed as a devoted volunteer who supports and encourages the student with whom he works.  He does this by providing background information and lots of kind attention.


With Ed’s help, one student who began the school year speaking little English became successful and confident in his comprehension Skills.


Thank you, Ed, for helping to build a sense of community in the classroom

Al, a Volunteer Executive Consultant (VEC) was instrumental in assisting Blind Sports Organization, a nonprofit located in Havertown PA which assists visually impaired athletes from 7-70 years old to participate in sports, either for recreation or world class competition.  Al helped Blind Sports develop the Board, improve their business plan and input ideas to expand fundraising.  Al has contributed over 200 lifetime volunteer hours.  He is fluent in Farsi and enjoys sports.

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