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  • Parents/guardians or school guidance counselors refer students in grades 3-7 who would benefit from the support of an adult mentor.

  • Our evidence-based program matches thoroughly screened adults with students to form trust-filled connections that help increase the student's social-emotional skills and assist them in planning for their futures. 

  • During COVID, the pairs will meet virtually, via Zoom, for one hour every two weeks during after school hours.

  • The pair will explore topics including goal setting, time management, managing anger and anxiety, and diversity and inclusion using a variety of resources including e-books or videos.

  • Mentors are provided with ongoing training (provided by the National Mentoring Partnership and other youth-serving organizations)

Make a Difference Today

"My mentor has been great! He changed me totally as a person cause he cares about me."

Mentored Student

"My son is more confident and more excited about school. His mentor gives him the positive feedback that every boy craves from adults. He always comes home with a smile after spending time with his mentor."

Mentored Student's Parent

"I love being a mentor. We learn from eachother. When she worried that I was going to retire and move away I told her that I'm here for the long run and that I'm coming to her wedding."


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