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Corporate Engagement

Empowering Employee Engagement through Corporate Partnerships

At RSVP, we understand the importance of employee engagement and the positive impact it can have on your organization.  That's why we offer a range of customized employee engagement projects to our corporate partners at the $5,000 level and above.

We provide:

Tailored volunteer enrollment forms

 Walk employees through screening and training

Supply engagement impact reports of volunteer efforts

Our team is dedicated to helping organizations create a culture of giving back and improving employee engagement.  Contact us to learn more.

Skill Based Volunteering

Utilize your professional skills to assist nonprofits

Friendly callers

Provide a telephone reassurance call to lonely seniors

Virtual Reading Coaches

Thirty minutes of your time can help a child learn to read

Digital Technology Trainers

Help an adult learn how to navigate the internet

Virtual Math Coaches

A perfect high-impact opportunity for those who love math

Career Presenters

Share your career journey to inspire students to reach for the stars

Ready to Change the World?  Let's Start Planning

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