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Upcoming Nonprofit Management Workshops

Be sure to check back regularly for new workshops coming in 2019 and updates!


Upcoming 2019 Workshop Series 


Board Development 3.0: Are you Getting all you can from your Board of Directors?

March 12, 9:30 a.m. to noon

RSVP Training Center, 901 E. 8th Avenue, Suite 200, King of Prussia, PA

As a nonprofit leader, how do I recruit the 'right' board members?  How many do I need? How do I get them to participate? How do I get them to stay? How do I remove an ineffective board member? What are the traits of outstanding board members? As a board member, am I doing a good enough job?

The goal of this interactive workshop is to answer these daunting questions, while providing both nonprofit leaders as well as board members, with the support tools to make your organization more productive and  successful.

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Meet the Funders

April 26, 9:30 am to noon

Giant Food Stores, 2nd Floor Conference Room, 315 S. York Rd, Willow Grove

Get inside the heads of decision makers of several foundations that fund locally.  Learn how foundation leaders view the issues facing our region; how they make strategic funding decisions and determine desired outcomes and what they really want from their nonprofit partners.

The 90-minute presentation, moderated by Margaret Brenner, VEC Program Manager, will be followed by an audience Q&A session and a 30-minute "meet and greet".

The interactive Funders' Panel will discuss current and emerging trends in foundation and corporate philanthropy. It will give participants a window into the grantmaker's point of view and provide valuable information about the state of philanthropy and what each funder looks for in a fundable program.

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Grant Research & Writing: Increase your Success Rate

May 21, 9:30 a.m. to noon

RSVP Training Center, 901 E. 8th Ave., Suite 200, King of Prussia, PA

This workshop will focus on targeting the foundations most likely to fund your nonprofit work, giving you a paradigm for writing persuasive proposals.  We encourage attendance of Executive Directors of nonprofit organizations that have been operating for at least 2-3 years as well as their staff who focus on getting grants.

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For more information on workshops, contact Margaret Brenner (610) 834-1040, ext. 135

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Exciting News

Beginning in September 2018, VEC Consultants will be available on 2nd Wednesday’s from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm by appointment to meet with nonprofits at no cost at the Regional Foundation Center of the Free Library in Philadelphia  1901 Vine Street.   To register contact or click here.  Upcoming sessions include: 

  • Sept.- Strategic Planning
  • Oct.- Financial Management and Budgeting
  • Nov.- Grant Writing
  • Dec.- Board Development
  • Jan. 2019 - Marketing and Social Media
  • Feb. - Fund Raising
  • March - Financial Management and Budgeting
  • April - Grant Writing
  • May - Board Development
  • June - Strategic Planning

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Past Workshops

 Measuring Program Effectiveness

An initial workshop on measuring success for nonprofit organizations, this session will introduce attendees to the important elements and concepts for determining success and failure.  This interactive session will discuss how goals, outcomes and measures can be used to determine organizational success.  The discussion will be based on attendee inputs.

Effective Fundraising Approaches from Successful Nonprofits

Every nonprofit is concerned about fundraising and wants to learn how to do it more successfully.  Hear from a panel of your peers -- other nonprofits -- what fundraising techniques have worked for them.  The workshop will include a brief introduction to the highlights of fundraising followed by a moderated discussion among the panel.

Strategic Planning: A Hands-On Workshop

What is a strategic plan? Why is it important for a nonprofit to have and use one?  What should be in the plan?  How is one developed and implemented?  These are all topics that will be covered in our interactive seminar.  Attendees are encouraged to bring a copy of their organization's strategic plan (it's OK if you don't have one.)  Participants will begin the process of developing or revising a plan by working on a few sections that will then be presented to the group for comment.  The emphasis will be on how to develop your plan.

Marketing: A Recipe for Survival

Have you heard it's important to market your organization?  Are you uncertain what that means and how to do it?  In this workshop, you will learn how to develop a marketing plan through:

  • Market Research
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Setting Goals and Timelines

Solid marketing to all of your audiences is critical: to donors to raise funds; to potential clients to provide your services; and to volunteers to keep your organization alive.

Examples of some organizations' marketing plans will be presented and discussed.  All your marketing ideas are welcome.



Our Popular Meet the Funders

Representatives from local foundations and corporations will make presentations followed by a Q&A and breakout session. This is an important and popular workshop for nonprofits wanting to learn more about the decision process in getting their grants and proposals funded. Panelists include representatives from: The Douty Foundation, VNA Foundation of Greater North Penn, the Foundation Center of the Free Library of Philadelphia, Connelly Fundation, Independence Blue Cross Foundation.



Inner Workings of Successful Nonprofits

This workshop takes you behind the scenes of nonprofits that have effectively fundraised, established their brand and marketed themselves to the right target audiences. 

Topics to be covered include:

  • How some nonprofits take it to a next level? 
  • What do they do differently than you? 
  • What are the lessons learned that your organization should be using? 

Workshop Facilitator: Ron Gawel, Former RSVP Board President, Former Business & Program Management at Lockheed Martin.


Facebook: How to do it for YOUR Nonprofit

A hands-on interactive session. Join us for an interactive Facebook for Nonprofits Seminar! VEC has teamed up with Citadel to bring you an interactive seminar and mini-workshop to help nonprofits navigate through the ever-changing social media landscape. Learn everything you need to know about using Facebook to boost awareness, promote your nonprofit, and engage with supporters, donors and volunteers. This workshop is a follow-up to our Basics of Social Media seminar on March 7, 2017. We encourage attendees to come prepared with specific questions and challenges related to Facebook Marketing that your organization is facing. We will answering as many questions as time permits!

Workshop Facilitator: Melissa Thompson, Social Media Specialist at Citadel



Financial Management for Nonprofits


Learn the basics of nonprofit finance and accounting procedures.

This Seminar will cover:

  • The elements of a financial plan
  • Legal and financial requirements for non-profits
  • How to connect to your budget
  • What danger signs to look out for

Our presenter, Jay Freed, leads the VEC Education program.  He is a retired senior executive and business owner with over 20 years of professional training experience.  His background includes marketing and developing financial software, and leading revenue forecasting activities.  He has worked for AT&T, Lotus Development Corporation and Vertex Inc

Getting to 501c3 Status

A must for any nonprofit startup. Most start up nonprofits are driven by the goodwill of individuals who have had their lives impacted by some external event and who want to do something to help the broader community cope with that issue. But, good intentions do not necessarily lead to successful results. Most organizations fail for the same reasons. This workshop will discuss what must be covered in the planning process before the legal paperwork is done. The IRS has made it easier for startup organizations to gain nonprofit status, and the workshop will provide detailed instruction on taking an idea and moving it forward to acceptance of a 501(c)(3) application.


Secrets to Running a Successful Nonprofit


What keeps you up at night? What are the things that stress you most and how do you avoid common pitfalls? Join us for an interactive experience that will walk you through success stories and nightmares and look at some of the best practices.  Presented by Ron Gawel, Former RSVP Board President


Marketing: A Recipe for Survival

Gain insights and an understanding of the importance of marketing your organization. Presented by Sylvia Lifschitz, Jerry Rosenau and Jen Mack, RSVP Volunteer Executive Consultants.

For more information or to register, email



Meet the Funders Workshop

Representatives from local foundations and corporations will make presentations followed by a Q&A and breakout session. This is an important and popular workshop for nonprofits wanting to learn more about the decision process in getting their grants and proposals funded. Panelists include: Virginia Frantz, President & CEO of the Montgomery County Foundation, Inc.; Andrew Reid, U.S. Economic Development Administration; Andrea Bretting, Senior Program Officer, Claneil Foundation; Sheressa Gordon, Program Associate from The Philadelphia Foundation and Caitlin Seifritz from the Regional Foundation Center. Click to learn more about our expert panelists.


Social Media Basics: How to Engage Donors, Volunteers and Supporters

This workshop will cover the basics of social media and how to engage donors, volunteers and supporters. Presented by Jen Mack, Director of Sales and Melissa Thompson, Social Media Specialist, Citadel.


Marketing: A Recipe for Survival

Gain insights and an understanding of the importance of marketing your organization



Grant Research and Writing: Secrets for Success

Win more grant funding from tips on effective research, early communication with funders, and persuasive proposal presentation. 

This workshop will be a hands-on interactive session. Examples of parts of actual grant proposals will be discussed and analyzed. Attendees are also encouraged to bring sample documents from their own organizations which can be discussed after the session on a one-to-one basis with the presenter.


Principles of Fundraising

Learn how to develop an overall fundraising plan for your organization, the basics of foundation and corporate support as well as annual appeals


Board Development 2.0

Finding and Keeping the Right Board Members for your Nonprofit

Nothing is more critical to a nonprofit than enthusiastic and effective board members. Are you struggling to identify the right leaders? Are you having difficulty keeping them? Are they motivated to help achieve your mission? Do they help with fundraising?

This seminar will deal with the issue of not only finding board members but will examine the reasons why organizations are not successful in the recruiting process. Effective ways to motivate board members as well as suggestions for the process of shaping your nonprofit's board into an effective resource will also be discussed.



Meet the Funders


Representataives from local foundations and corporations will make presentations followed by a Q&A and breakout sessions.  This is an important workshop for nonprofits wanting to learn more about the decision process in getting their grants and proposals funded. 

Panelists include:  Virginia Frantz, President & CEO of The Montgomery County Foundation, Inc; Jan Waldauer, Trustee at Quaker Chemical Foundation; Kevin Dow, Vice President at United Way of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey and Caitlin Seifritz, Librarian at Regional Foundation Center at the Free Library.


Financial Management Fundamentals for Nonprofits

This seminar will explain how an effective financial management system enables your organization to proactively manage real world challenges.


 Topics will include:

  • Differences between Non-Profit and For-Profit Accounting

  • Introduce effective financial management processes

  • Review Nonprofit Financial Statements

  • Budgeting

This seminar is perfect for Early Stage NPO’s looking to get a better understanding of Accounting and Financial Practices as well as Senior Level Managers (Board Members, Executive Directors) with no Financial or Accounting background looking to get a better understanding of Nonprofit Accounting and Financial Practices.


Strategic Planning: A Road Map to Your Success

Does your organization have a strategic plan? Do you know the difference between a business plan and a strategic plan? Does your strategic plan inspire and motivate your internal and external stakeholders?  This workshop will introduce you to the strategic planning process and review best practices in creating a successful plan to achieve your mission. The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis will be highlighted and how this tool can be used to create a roadmap for your organization's future.


Marketing & Social Media


Social media is critical to the success of every nonprofit today. This workshop will help you use social media to boost public awareness, recruit volunteers and raise money.


How to Develop a Fund Raising Plan: Understanding the Basics for Success


This session will be especially informative for small nonprofits with little or no fund raising staff or experience. Time is allocated for questions and answers after the presentation.


Introduction: Board of Directors


Learn what every nonprofit needs to know about Boards of Directors:  their roles and responsibilities and how to recruit effective members.



Getting to 501(c)(3) Status

Learn the steps your organization needs to take to apply for nonprofit status.



Meet the Funders

Representataives from local funding agencies will answer questions from attendees on what foundations are looking to fund.  Network with representatives of funding agencies and with others facing funding challenges.

Panelists include representatives from: Regional Foundation Center of Philadelphia Free Library, Philadelphia Foundation, Patricia Kind Family Foundation and Phoenixville Community Health Foundation.

Performance Measures -- Made Simple!



Unravel the mystery of calculating your program's impact. Discover simple methods to objectively measure program performance, leading to increased funding opportunities and program improvement. 

Presented jointly by VEC and Your Part-Time Controller.


Meet the Funders

Panelists include representatives from: Regional Foundation Center of Philadelphia Free Library, Genuardi Family Foundation, Douty Foundation and FourJay Foundation.


So You Want to be a Nonprofit?

November 14, 2012   10:00 a.m. - noonSteps to apply for 501(c)(3) status as well as the many steps that need to be taken before the application process

  • Incorporation process
  • Selecting a name for the organization
  • Creating bylaws and a mission statement
  • Selecting and appointing a board of directors




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