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What Can Your Time Do?

Change the World!

What's right for you? Let's explore your passion for volunteering together.


 Drive a senior to a doctor appointment. Become a docent.  Mentor a Veteran. Mentor a student.  Work with a therapy dog. Counsel a struggling nonprofit. Tutor a student. Give a juvenile offender a second chance. Serve soup kitchen meals. Bake cookies. Teach children about nature. Knit blankets for hospice patients.  Become a fitness mentor. Help a child read. Help an adult read.

There are thousands of ways you can help make the difference. Let's find yours.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where is the need for volunteers greatest?
The simple answer is -- it varies. We are in partnership with hundreds of nonprofits, schools, hospitals, libraries, museums/historic sites, nature centers, etc. in our community.  As their needs change or as projects arise, we work to find the right volunteer for that particular position.


Are there group opportunities available?
Yes. We frequently help corporations or large groups who are interested in volunteering as a "day of caring" event. We can customize your group experience to be rewarding as well as providing a team-building aspect.


Is there a fee to join?
There is no fee. We are grateful that you are willing to donate your time and that you have recognized the great impact volunteers can have on their communities.


Will I need training?
Some volunteer assignments may require some training.  Of course you will be informed and educated about the role you will have as a volunteer., There may be some training in our literacy and mentoring programs. There is significant and ongoing training in our APPRISE, Medicare Counseling program.


Do RSVP volunteers only serve the nonprofit communiity?
Yes. We strive to support the efforts and missions of nonprofit organizations within Montgomery County.


What are the advantages of volunteering through RSVP rather than directly in my community. Either way it seems I am helping.
RSVP performs like a placement agency.  We conduct an interview with you to see where your interests are, what your skills are, what kind of time commitment you want to make and what you did during your career.  Based on that information, we work with an extremely diverse group of organizations to match you with the perfect job.

We also provide supplemental insurance which is free to you during your volunteer activity. Additionally we plan social events such as the annual Volunteer Appreciation Reception, our Run Wild 5K Run/Walk as well as invitations to other social events.


Why is it so important to report my hours?
Many of our funders require that we track the number of hours our volunteers provide.  When you report your hours we gather them to document your sizeable impact on the community. In an average year, our volunteers donate 100,000+ hours which saves the nonprofit industry more than $2,000,000,000 per year.

Will there be much travel?
We always try to match you with an assignment close to your home. If your position requires training, it might take you a little further away, but it wouldn't be a regular trip.

How can my friend register to volunteer?
We welcome all word-of-mouth referrals! Just have them call our office (610-834-1040, ext. 123) and we will set up a time to meet with them to ascertain their interests and match their skills with a need in the community.

Are there social activities and get-togethers with other RSVP volunteers?
Some of the volunteer opportunities become social events in themselves - such as a mailing group or a knitting circle. You can also request to be placed with a friend.

Can you help me find something that will accommodate my busy schedule? I sometimes travel quite a bit.
We have many kinds of volunteer opportunities to chose from -- sporadic, seasonal, monthly, and weekly - depending on your needs. We also have a fun Project Team that gathers as needed depending on the project.

I belong to a local Senior Center. Do my hours there count towards my contribution to RSVP?
Many of our volunteers also belong to local senior centers. If that center receives the same County funding as we do, then we are unable to count your volunteer hours reported at that center if the center is also reporting those hours to the County. However, an RSVP volunteer at a center who is doing an RSVP arranged project may report those hours to us.

I need to do community service as part of a court-related matter. Can you help me find a placement in order to fulfill my court-ordered requirement?
At RSVP will do our best to help you find a service opportunity that will help you meet your criteria.